1 Month

Sunday, 12 January 2014

It feels like an eternity has passed and so much has happened, or maybe it was just the craziness of the festive season that made it feel like years have passed, but I have made it to 1 month at home after my treatment at Wedge Gardens.

Burdens have been shed and adventure seems to be looming. My medication has been sorted out and I feel as if stability is returning to my life. The Epilim is keeping my moods stable and the Oxazepam lulls be to a coma-like sleep at night. It feels great not to be anxious or depressed all the time. However there is only one thing that medication can’t assist with and that is the dreadful feeling of loneliness. Although I have family and friends around nearly constantly, my soul is yearning for the company of a lover and companion. I beg of the universe to open up a way for me to be with Michael in Canada. My one and only true soul-mate!

I am content now that I know that everyone, and everything is “taken care of” and that it is my turn to bask in the sunshine. If only I had a stronger sense of positivity to keep the tranquillity moving with me daily. It is going to take a lot of practice and also the breaking of in-born habits to perfect it, but nothing is impossible!

My blog may seem to all to be going quiet and unwritten, but I will be posting monthly “updates” and also a few impromptu posts every now and then, but I will definitely not be shutting down! This is going to be one project that I am going to damned-well stick to! I am however returning to my old “habits” of writing “hard-copies” in my diary before posting them online. It has worked so well at Wedge and I realised that it was the secret to my blogging success. Writing feelings down and then posting them on the blogs kept me excited and gave me something to look forward to. That super magical feeling of excitement manifested so many of my “wish-list” in the past that I simply can’t abandon my new “lifestyle” as prescribed by Rhonda Byrne’s phenomenal teachings.

In a mere month I have managed to change my circumstances so much that it is nothing short of a miracle. I even got the most incredible motivation from a personal message from Rhonda herself on my Facebook as I have mentioned many times before! LOL! Still can’t believe it, yet there it is, as real as anything else I can see and touch! I will forever be a true advocate of ‘The Secret’ and all other writings by Rhonda Byrne.

Thoughts become things and that is how I ‘will’ things into my experience! We were all destined to have great lives, we must just unlock the power within ourselves to achieve our dreams!

There comes a time when the good old-fashioned pen to paper simply gets all the emotions expressed more effectively and appropriately. So, I shall be writing a few pages when the need calls for it and then ‘transcribing’ them back into my blog. So, without further delay, let the writings commence…

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