Feeling inspired

Monday, 13 January 2014

The feeling of inspiration has taken over my life again, so I must write. Since that first day at Wedge Gardens when I picked up the notebook and pen it has been the source of my inspiration and also a fantastic outlet, not only for anger, frustration or fear but also for love and gratitude!

It makes following ‘The Secret’ so much easier and rids my mind of negative energies or thoughts, and above all that, it excites me! It is something that I love doing!

But I will have to be perfectly honest when I say that I do have feelings of heartache as well, as I miss my dear friends a lot. They were friends, there when I needed them, and I miss their company, their laughter, their hugs and support and it breaks my heart to think that I will never see them again. Yet, I suppose that is what life is all about, we can’t cling onto things all the time.

I am super excited about working on the new ACS I.T website for Canada. It is going to be marvellous. I am also excited for the new DesignerBoy website that is in the making. Life will continue, but we must remember to close our eyes, breathe deeply and envision the future that we would like for ourselves. And so it will be. We create our own destiny by what we concentrate on the most. It is time to re-assess, re-consider and re-evaluate what we want from life and then concentrate on attracting that to us!

I am really blown away by the following I received from the blog. It is amazing. There are also a few blogs that I have come across that inspires me. One in particular is very inspiring and can be found here, it is very inspirational and definitely worth a look.

My parents are selling their house in Middelburg, and will be moving to Jeffrey’s Bay. A very nice little corner of South Africa, against the Eastern Cape coast. That means I will have to get my ass into gear and get to Canada.

It is time that I start living my best life! The life of my dreams.

Since I have started writing my blog ‘properly’ again, meaning that I write it down on paper before typing it out, it has become such a joy again! I can sit at my desk, writing, taking time to think about what I want to say. It is as if it has more meaning when it goes down on paper first… LOL! :)

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