Blessings all around

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

It is easy to become disgruntled and despondent in this wonderful world of ours. It is so easy to spot the negatives around us, and believe me they are not only around us, but also try to influence us. This unfortunately is usually also the case. We are very easily upset or turned around!

It is because of my faith in the laws of attraction and the wonder “Secret” that I have stopped to take a good look at things around me and I have come to the conclusion that there are more “blessings” about than meets the eye.

So many blessings in fact that it would be very simple for me to create a bulleted list now of at least 100 things that I am grateful for around me at this present moment. Had I been asked to list only 10 a few months ago I would have pondered the subject for hours, yet now I can churn them out without failure.

Once you start concentrating on these blessings in your life, and start showing gratitude for them, you will suddenly notice how more blessings find their way into your life. Showing gratitude is great, but feeling it from the soul is even better, that speeds up the delivery time of greatness into your life! It is astonishing how the universe responds to your emotions! Love of course being the strongest frequency to emit.

I am blessed with so many “blessings” that I can hardly contain my excitement. No wonder I have insomnia, it is because I am so filled with joy all the time.


The best cure for my insomnia would be to stop labeling myself as an insomniac! The universe is only returning the favour by giving me what I concentrate on. I should be saying “I sleep wonderfully every evening”. That should do the trick. Take some of my own advice! Until next time. Keep smiling. :-P

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