Nervous anticipation

Sunday, 18 May 2014

What a lovely mixed bag of emotions at the moment. Happily nervous is the best description I can think of now.

I am ecstatically happy about my tickets being sorted out, my travel insurance being in place and my application that is in at VFS in Pretoria, yet I am nervously awaiting the outcome of my application and hoping that it comes through in the following week, as I am booked to leave South Africa on the 26th of May.

My first flight will take me to good ol’ England where I will spend a full 2 hours in London, then take a flight on Air Canada to Toronto, where I will collect and recheck my baggage and spend a few hours to acclimatise to the Canadian spring weather before boarding another Air Canada jet to Regina.

If all goes well I should be popping out the doors at Gate 4 at about 17:54 on the 27th of May (Canadian Time – Saskatchewan).

To all those who follow my blog, please send your positive energies to my side that everything goes well!


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